Major Points of Graphic Design and Web Design

Advertisement always requires a base to deliver item idea to the customers. Advertiser knows what a user wants and delivers a pack of illusion to them. It create client to look by their sight. There are various points that have to be taken into account. To enhance your web page several aspects should be taken care before start working over it.

Proper market analysis: firstly a proper statistics analysis should be done. Market keeps on changing itself as per international policies. Customers demand is also a part of it accordingly you made yours. As customer demands always plays a crucial role while producing any product. Launching a product is based on audience and its popularity too.

Sign up with known and experienced Web Design Company: Try to hire a well known company which had a history of fulfilling the demand of reaching all target audiences in an effective way. Choose an agency that works on current technologies. As your web page makes your item image it should be highly effective enough to keep a positive level on to the mind of people who visit your web page. A web page is not only about a fantastic design but it should provide all the perfect specifications for which it is being developed.

Easy Navigation: for every input we get large number of result refining them best suits comes at first. Whenever a user is available over that page and links should work normally over all a user friendly web site. Web site designs sometimes open a site and found difficult to link to another web page he will definitely try to better option. Content should make your website heavy and navigation become difficult, here a technical and experienced person is required. A web design shouldn’t sacrifice our navigation demand. People of website design background are founded quite experienced in it working for various renowned companies. Ideally, important piece of information or the web link of the website containing information should be available on the web site itself.

Target Audience: Website should hit the right concentrate on otherwise it would not be able to turn the audiences into the actually customers. The look and feel of the web page, the shades, and the contract of the content should be done accordingly.

SEO friendly: Achievements of any company’s website depends on the place of the web page rank. Within India metro cities website Development Company are being hired by internationally because of their good SEO work. Knowing a thing and implementing it both are quite different, Web design Delhi knows it. They create a fantastic result online, toward their work web page designs shows positive results. Also the content of the web page should be customized frequently to enhance results.

Attracted graphics: A website is not complete without images. Sometimes a brand gets famous only because of popularity of logo and other images. It’s always an essential to hire a good website company that has experienced graphic designer. Graphic design Delhi provided a history of most popular product images, logos, etc in the market that has a unique values.

Brand functions an essential objective in effective a minds and hearts. It is always suggested to analyze a company design and a similar value value before selecting matures a right images. Remember a fact that your images color your client’s value name.

Male Vs. Female Graphic Design Artists – Who Is the Best?

There is no lack of talent in the graphic designing field. There are equally talented male and female graphic artists who create outstanding graphics for their clients. However, there are some personal traits in both males and females that differ. This is not another article on the battle of the sexes! On the contrary, my objective is to highlight whether these personal traits affect a graphic design project.

Let’s have a look at male and female traits of these designers, and how they affect a design project.


More Logical

As far as professionalism is concerned, men are far more logical in their approach than women designers. Men use their brains more than their heart. When they work on a graphic design project, emotions take a backseat and it is the brain that controls their decisions. This is the reason male designers are not easy negotiating for a project.

More Patience

Men are better off than women as far as patience and endurance level is concerned in a design project. Male designers stay cool even at times of client criticisms or negative feedbacks. Women designers on the other hand, react emotionally and act impulsively when criticized.

Not Always Focused

This is a negative trait of male designers. They are often distracted by social networking sites, and also end up chatting with friends while working. The attention of male designers is diverted by news or sports related sites, while at work.

Men Act Sluggish

Compared to women, male designers are more laid-back at work. I am not saying that all male designers are lazy, but they tend to postpone assignments more frequently than the females.

Men often resort to minimalism in order to escape tight deadlines. This might have an adverse effect on a design project.


Orderly and Prompt

The best trait of a female designer is that she is more methodical and punctual at the work front. If a client is working with a female designer, he is bound to get his project delivered in time. This is not the case with their male counterparts as they are disorganized.

More Panicky

Female designers are more panicky when there is a serious issue to handle. Women designers tend to be perfectionists, and this is the reason they are nervier when the client disapprove of their designs. Women graphic artists also fuss too much over designs, even if they are perfectly fine. This might sometimes irritate clients if a women designer asks them unnecessary or silly questions.

Equal Focus on All Projects

This is another positive attribute of female designers. They attach equal attention in all design projects. They treat all clients equally – big or small. As men think from their mind, they tend to pay more attention to the best paying clients.

Easy Negotiating

Since women designers are emotional, they develop a soft corner for their clients. This I regard is a negative trait, as she might fall prey to client trickery. Being too emotional might prove detrimental to a design project financially. After all, its money that matters at the end of the day!

Tips to Beome a Freelance Graphic Designer

Consider the arty glitzy world of graphic design. It is one of the fastest emerging career options and many people have made tidy sums of money through graphic design. Some of you freelancer full-time and still manage to make enough money as your corporate counterparts. The trend only looks to rise as the amount of work available and the pay scale offers a more lucrative option to office work.

Many people have begun taking up work as freelance. It is a cosily lucrative lifestyle. It pays well and is an ideal option for people looking to earn extra money on the side, or people looking for a change from the daily grind of corporate existence.Job Duties for Designer
In this sector’s people need to be creative and analytical, i.e. the balance of these two mindsets is crucial. Most designers work closely with marketing teams, product teams and content teams to understand the service or the product offered by an organisation, the importance of the product and its value to the organisation, and finally create a design that can imbibe these qualities of the organisation.

Some of your job duties may include:

-Continually liaising with clients and managers to determine the objectives and requirements of the job
-Accurately interpreting the client’s business needs and develop suitable concepts
-Creating design briefs using data through research, and creating concepts
-Working with a wide range of media like Photography and CAD
Demonstrating illustrative skills with rough sketches
-Working on layouts and art working pages ready for print
Developing interactive design


There are many skills that you must develop and or hone to be able to land some decent freelance projects. Many of you may already know how to use platforms like Dreamweaver, but remember that the ones with all that cash stashed away in the bank mastered these platforms. If you wish to count yourself among the latter bunch of rich graphic designers, here are some skills that are the cornerstones of the industry.

-Design Skills
-Adobe Skills
-Free-hand skills
-Storytelling skills
-Conceptualising skills
-Technological skills such as a working knowledge of technologies like InDesign, QuarkXPress, FreeHand, Illustrator, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Acrobat, Director, Dreamweaver and Flash

The internet provides many websites for budding graphic designers like you to develop and hone the skills you will need as a designer. Udemy, Tutplus, Aiga, Skillshare and Vector Diary offer many online and free courses on most aspects of Graphic Design, Udemy lists the most number of this courses available online.

Being Successful as a Freelancer

Freelance graphic design is among one of the six top-paying freelance career options available. It isn’t doing too bad, it seems to be doing excellent. So, how do you become successful in this high-paying world of graphic design?

As a graphic designer, there are certain things you can do to do become more successful:

-Brand yourself
-Create an effective online portfolio, where employers can look at the kind of work you have done in the past
-Create an even more impressive print portfolio, resume, business cards
-Network with other designers, potential employers and even friends who work in related fields like website development, or content creation
-Practice and continuously keep up-to-date with technologies like InDesign, QuarkXPress, FreeHand, Illustrator, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Acrobat, Director, Dreamweaver and Flash

Average Remuneration

Having determined that Graphic Design is one of the highest paying freelance jobs, you must be now wondering what kind of money are you looking at, and what kind of payment models exist in this sub-sector of freelancing.

There are two payment models, which exist in the field, The Fixed-price, and the Hourly model. Hourly models usually pay anywhere from $5- 500 an hour, with averages usually falling at $100 an hour. However, the amount of mini projects has forced the average amount to $35 an hour. Fixed Price models can usually fetch you anywhere from $10-1000. For instance, a logo design job at a mid-sized firm could fetch one around $500. The average pay scale of a graphic designer is $21 an hour.

Finding work

There are hundreds and thousands of jobs available to graphic designers in sub fields like Logo Design, UI Design, Presentation Design, and Illustration among others. It is not difficult to find work as a Graphic Designer and many portals offer jobs to graphic designers. It is not tough to find work as graphic designer if you are good enough; chances are that you might face an onslaught of offers for work.

Some websites and portals you should consider looking at include Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, Getacoder and Peopleperhour. These websites offer many jobs for them and are just the sort of places you need to register with to make a name.